Pickering, ON, HVAC Contractors Insurance

There are two nightmare scenarios for HVAC contractors in Ontario. In the first, you suffer a costly setback and you're uninsured. In the second, you do have insurance but you discover too late your policy doesn't cover the disaster -- a lawsuit blaming you for Legionnaire's Disease would be a prime example, but there are many others.

Either way, you could be swiftly out of business, even bankrupt. This is an unacceptable and unnecessary risk when you can secure full protection through comprehensive HVAC insurance from First Durham Insurance & Financial, of Pickering, ON.

For more than 60 years, we've been protecting businesses across the nation with unrivalled expertise, remarkable value and first class customer service. Our HVAC contractors insurance program is typical of the care we take to customize insurance protection to the specific needs of our client.

Furthermore, First Durham Insurance & Financial doesn't just represent one HVAC contractor insurance specialist. We work with all the leading, reputable names, which means we can scout out and secure the best possible deals.

Your Pickering HVAC Insurance Plan

Because we tailor-make each insurance package, we can ensure you get the HVAC contractors insurance plan that's just right for you and your budget. You don’t end up paying for protection you don't need.

Depending on your business and your requirements, we can draw on a wide range of HVAC contractor insurance options, for all types of business -- heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial cooling systems, gas service engineers, main and subcontractors. These options include:

  • Public liability and property damage coverage.
  • Lawsuit claims relating to environmental exposures excluded from standard policies including mold/fungi, carbon monoxide and Legionnaires Disease.
  • Protection against claims relating to subcontractors working for you.
  • Professional liability (Errors and Omissions) for system design faults.
  • HVAC contractor insurance specialist coverage for tools, equipment and materials, whether on your property, in transit or on the job.
  • General property and liability coverage for your business activities beyond your specialist trade, including damage, theft or injury at your premises.
  • Insurance for your commercial vehicles, employee health and fraud.
  • Business disruption and loss of income.

The First Durham Insurance & Financial Difference

But there's more to it than that at First Durham Insurance & Financial. When you consult the HVAC contractor insurance specialists at our Pickering ON office, you can count on a range of additional support.

For example, we can provide guidance on:

  • Local/provincial area insurance requirements.
  • Relevant TSSA trade licenses and technical certification requirements.
  • Workers Compensation Board certification.
  • Risk management and disaster recovery.
  • HRAI compliance.

We'll also provide support if you need to make a claim on your HVAC contractors insurance policy. Plus, we'll keep your coverage under regular review so that it keeps pace both with changes in your business and in the regulatory and compliance environment.

Get Your Free HVAC Insurance Quote Now

You may already have HVAC contractors insurance, in which case we can review your coverage to identify opportunities for improved coverage AND to save you money.

Or this may be your first time seeking this type of protection.

Either way you can save yourself time by letting the HVAC insurance experts at our Pickering, ON, office do the legwork in identifying your needs and then shop around for the best possible price.

It won’t cost you a cent and there's absolutely no obligation to take up our offer. Just click the Free Quote request button and we'll get working for you.

Don't risk one of those nightmare scenarios, or pay too much for your HVAC insurance. Get your free quote from First Durham Insurance & Financial now. Then you can sleep soundly!