Ontario Restoration Contractors Insurance

When you spend so much of your working time solving other people's disasters, how much thought do you give to the risks and threats they impose on you?

Especially if you're in the fire/water restoration business, protecting yourself with good, solid restoration contractors insurance should be your number one priority. Otherwise, someone else's crisis could become yours -- especially if they turn around and slap a lawsuit on you.

And when you're seeking the best value restoration insurance in the nation, start with First Durham Insurance & Financial in Pickering, ON. We've been protecting businesses like yours for more than 60 years; scores of companies and individuals already rely on us for their Ontario restoration contractor insurance.

That's because they know they can count on us for service as well as value, ensuring they're adequately protected and supporting them if they need to file a restoration insurance claim.

At First Durham Insurance & Financial, we've developed a specialist program customized to the sort of risks you face in your business. We can build your restoration contractors insurance plan from the ground up, so it's tailored to your needs but also, so you don’t end up paying for coverage you don’t need.

Our Pickering, ON, professional team has experience with most kinds of restoration business, from full-scale structural-damage contractors to individual specialists like furniture and upholstery cleaners.

Restoration Contractor Insurance Options

Your options include a wide range of restoration insurance elements including:

  • Full property and liability coverage for the front end of your business -- your property and equipment -- against most perils including fire and theft.
  • Environmental or pollution liability protection for damage you might cause in the process of carrying out a restoration.
  • Additional coverage for perils that are normally excluded from standard policies, like mold and fungus.
  • Professional liability insurance for errors and omissions in the course of your activities.
  • Extension of your restoration contractor insurance to cover the activities of any subcontractor you might engage.
  • Flexible high policy limits up to $25m, with "umbrella" insurance available to raise these limits even higher.
  • Inclusion of property owners as third parties on your restoration insurance policy.

In addition, the First Durham Insurance & Financial Ontario restoration contractors insurance program can provide:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Employee-related insurance for disability, benefits and health risks.
  • Coverage against fraud and data theft.
  • Protection for business disruption and loss of earnings.

Service, Value and Efficiency

We also provide rapid, short-notice Ontario restoration contractors insurance certification, advice on risk management in your business, guidance on regulatory requirements and employment practices, and, of course, help if you need to file a claim.

We place a high premium on personal service at our Pickering, ON, headquarters, which means you have one to one support and regular contact that ensures you’re always properly protected.

And because we're independent, not tied to one specific insurer, we can shop around for the best rates for your restoration contractor insurance, with additional discounts where available.

The bottom line is this: If you want to be sure you have restoration insurance that's just right for both your business and your budget, you should be speaking to the First Durham Insurance & Financial professionals at Pickering, ON.

We've made that easy too. All you have to do is click the Free Quote request button on this page. We'll come back with a fast response. It doesn’t cost you a cent and there's no obligation to accept our quote.

But we believe we've got the experts, the contacts and the understanding of your business to provide one of the best restoration contractor insurance deals around.

Don't wait for someone else's disaster to swamp you and your business. Click that button now and let's talk about getting you properly protected with First Durham Insurance & Financial.