Pickering Boat Insurance

Size doesn't matter.  With access to a wide variety of boat insurance products available from a wide variety of insurance carriers we have a solution that fits you. Whether it be power boat Insurance, yacht insurance, Sea Doo insurance or even bass boat insurance, our experts are available to help find a solution that reflects types of boat you own and how you use it.

Like many, you have probably added your boat to your home insurance policy never giving it a second thought but your home insurance policy often lacks significant coverage leaving you exposed. With solutions starting at $350 per year let one of experts arrange proper coverage for your boat, and perhaps even save you money.

Don't buy home insurance for your boat

Mr. & Mrs. Thompson went for an early season cruise with some guests visiting at their cottage one in their small 10 year old run about.  Not noticing the lower water levels and caught up in conversation Mr. Thompson struck a shallow rock, causing their boat to sink.  

It was not until the claim was filed through their home insurance company that the Thompson’s understood the shortcomings of their home insurance when it came to covering their boat.

While the insurance company made a payment for their damaged boat, they had depreciated the value so significantly it left the Thompson’s without enough money to replace it. An even greater surprise arose when they were served with a significant bill for the costs related to recovering the boat and the costs related to cleaning only a small but of oil that had spilled in the lake.

Get The right coverage for your boat

Whether you have an accident on the water or while towing on the highway or even if you injure a water skier feel confident that the experts at First Durham Insurance & Financial in Pickering, ON will arrange for boat insurance that meets your budget and truly reflects how you use it.  Regardless of the size of our boat know that you are properly protected with the following features:

  • Hull & Machinery on an agreed value basis (no depreciation)
  • $2 Million Protection & Indemnity – Liability including wreck removal & Pollution coverage (link to separate page include more info, outline lending the boat)
  • $1 Million Uninsured or underinsured – covers you in the event you are in an of
  • $1 Million Water skiing liability
  • $5,000 Automatic extension of coverage for incidental medical payments
  • $2,000 - $10,000 automatic extension of coverage for contents (limit depends on value of boats)
  • $1,000 in Reimbursement of emergency expenses
  • Increased limits for contents and personal effects available
  • No "Patch and Paint Clause". Paint repairs are not restricted to the damaged area only
  • Southern Navigation Insurance coverage available
  • Coverage can be arranged to cover incidental skipper charters and incidental business use
  • Coverage for older boats (Marine Survey may be required)
  • Coverage for runabouts, bow riders, bass boats, ski boats, sail boats sea doos, jet drives, yachts and more…
  • Coverage for Wood, Aluminum & Fiberglass Hulls

At First Durham Insurance we have protected the residents of Pickering from boating accidents since 1945. We know our area and the waters in it. Answer a few questions about your boat and let the licensed professionals at First Durham Insurance provide you with a quote that provides you peace of mind and at a price that meets your budget