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Whether you are blindsided by a storm or are served with a lawsuit, wondering about how your coverage will respond is not the first question that should come to mind.  But lets face it, you are busy and despite your best intention to better understand your policy it is one of many things that you never manage to get to.  The philosophy of the licensed insurance brokers at First Durham Insurance & Financial is to  make sure that we understand you and your needs so that we can implement a policy that will be there when you need it.  More importantly, we will take the time to communicate with you in a simple way to make sure that you understand how your policy works.

Whether you are looking for homeowners insurance in Pickering or anywhere else in the Durham Region look no further as you have come to the right place.  We have been arranging coverage for residents of Durham Region since 1945 and today we are proud to be one of the largest Insurance brokers in Durham Region. We know how to protect you with the right coverage at the right price.

$330 Million an hour!

The clouds rolled into the city one July afternoon and within 3 hours the storm had left close to $1 Billion of property damage in its wake.  The Johnson’s had just invested close to $50,000 in the completion of their basement.  The water came ½ way up the basement stairs and in the days that followed it became clear that the Johnson’s experience was much different then that of their neighbours.  While the Johnson’s had already had a restoration crew onsite, their next door neighbors had not heard from their insurance company.  Their neighbor across the street had already been told that the damage to their home was excluded.  How is it that 3 customers could have such significantly different experiences from the same storm?  The truth is that the Johnson's had arranged coverage through a broker who was able to put the right coverage in place and more importantly get involved in the claim making sure their policy was doing as it was supposed to and quickly. 

We understand that most feel that all policies are the same, but in our experience nothing could be further from the truth.  While many polices may seem to contain the same language, we know that the devil is in the detail.  Our experience is that subtle differences in the language policies use can make a significant difference.   Over the past few years you have likely seen an increase in your premium and in some case you may have even seen reductions in your coverage.

If your basement was to fill up with water with water from your drain, how much would your home insurance policy pay?  Can you answer that question with confidence? This is where the experts at First Durham Insurance & Financial in Pickering, ON come in.

A company that evolves with you

Whether you are purchasing a your first home, a bigger home or downsizing we understand that priorities change at the various stage of life.  And whether you are on focused on cost, coverage or a balance between the two, our licensed experts at First Durham Insurance & Financial are available to speak with you however and whenever you prefer.  When you purchase a policy through us we take the time to ensure that your policy properly addresses your needs as your life changes.

Don't hesitate, fill out the quote form above and allow one of our experts to contact you.  We will take the time to perform a detailed analysis of your coverage and outline how we can help broaden your coverage and reduce your insurance costs. Even if you don't become a client we guarantee that you will be more educated about how you home insurance works.