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Pickering Contractor’s Insurance

As a contractor, you have seen first hand the results of people’s DIY disasters, you understand the value in hiring an expert.  You’re good at what you do, so good in fact, you’ve taken the chance and made a decision to be a “self employed.” But nobody understands the sacrifices you have had to make, nor what you’ve done to become an expert beyond being a contractor.  There’s payroll, accounting, WSIB, insurance and a whole lot more. We may not be able build a house, wire a home or put in the HVAC, but like you, we know what we are good at, and that’s insurance.  The Commercial experts at First Durham Insurance have you covered.   Whether you require insurance to land that big project or have a growing business that has some complexity, we are here to make sure that you have what you need at a price you can afford. Give us a call or click for a quote!


Maximize Discounts

All insurance companies offer discounts which can save you and your company money.  First Durham Insurance has access to all these discounts and more through all of our markets.  If you start adding up all the discounts in which you qualify, you can significantly reduce your premiums, get a quote today!

Customized Protection

It’s Not About You

More often than not, contractors buy insurance to cover their tools and equipment. We would argue that while this is an important part of your insurance policy it’s not the biggest priority. Mistakes happen, even to the best of us.  And in your business, mistakes can be costly and disruptive to your customers, and we think this should be the number one priority when buying contractors insurance. We encourage our home insurance clients to only hire licensed and insured contractors and that is because we know that in the event something were to happen, they have that piece of mind.  For you, having insurance should be something that you should promote with all of your prospective customers.  At First Durham Insurance we know what you need and would love to help put a policy in place to protect you.  Give us a call or click for a quote!

As Your Business Evolves, So Should Your Coverage

In the beginning you managed your business job to job, you likely had the tools you needed and tried to make the most of what you had to work with.  Whether you are a new contractor or you’ve been at it for several years, your goal remains the same, grow your business to a point where it enables you to add additional staff to secure steady work, allowing you to provide a good living for you and your family.  The experts at First Durham Insurance are here to make sure that we help you secure the coverage you need not just for today but for tomorrow too.  Take the time to talk with one of our experts, we’d be happy to help.  And because we know that during the day you are often too busy, we are happy to speak with you after hours if that’s what it takes to help you put the right coverage in place for your business.  Give us a call or click for a quote!

Is Your Mold Coverage Adequate?

Just like the quality of the work one contractor does compared to another can vary greatly, so too can the coverage offered by today’s commercial insurers. Some insurers put policies in place and while cheap, it often lacks key coverage’s that you’ll likely require in the event of a claim.   Today, no bigger example of this can be seen in the mold coverage offered by most insurance carriers.  Mold is one of those things that can take years before it is noticed, once discovered, it can very expensive to get rid of.  However most insurers will try to exclude or limit the coverage available for mold damage caused by you or your work.  Do you know how your mold coverage stacks up?  If not, give us a call!  We would be happy to provide a free consultation to review and look for gaps in your current coverage.  Give us a call or click for a quote!

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