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Product Information for Property Insurance in Ajax & Pickering

First Durham Protects Your Home from the Unexpected

There are plenty of situations where you might require home insurance. While it technically is not necessary by law, having home insurance is essential for protecting you financially against all those unfortunate mishaps which pop up around when we can least afford them. Whether that mishap is a sudden thunderstorm that batters your new roofing or a fire that devastates half your kitchen, First Durham is here to ensure you have coverage at the worst of times. Obviously, you are a busy person and you might not have time to figure out all the finer details of your home insurance policy – which is why First Durham Insurance has professionals to help make sure that you get what you need. For all property insurance needs, Pickering, Ajax and First Durham region clients can rely on the expertise and professionalism of our home insurance brokers. You don’t need to become an expert as we will do all the work for you. All you need to do is fill out a quote form.

If you are looking to purchase property insurance in Ajax, Pickering or anywhere else in the Durham Region for your home you need not look any further as you have come to the right place. Our brokers are First Durham are experts in the field of all areas of personal insurance and look forward to working with you. For more information about First Durham home insurance, click here.

Do You Need Condo Insurance? First Durham Has You Covered

If you are a condominium owner, you probably know that it isn’t anything like having a home or renting an apartment. In fact, condos face a whole host of interesting exposures and it is important that as a responsible owner of your condominium you acknowledge those risks and purchase insurance accordingly. If that seems like a daunting task to you, don’t worry! First Durham’s insurance experts have your back. We will help to ensure that you have coverage to protect your common areas and your contents which otherwise would not have been covered with your landlord’s insurance. Essentially, condo insurance is in place to fill the gaps that your condo landlord’s insurance leaves so that you are set up for any threats you might face. While your condominium may be a communal setting, your condo insurance will need to be tailored to suit your specific requirements and lifestyle. Luckily, First Durham’s brokers can do just that. With our wide-ranging market access we can find you affordable quotes with coverage that checks every box.

Are you looking to buy property insurance in Pickering, Ajax, or anywhere else in the Durham Region for your condominium? First Durham will set you up so that you don’t need to worry about your coverage. For more information regarding First Durham condo insurance, click here.

First Durham Is Here for All Your Tenant Insurance Needs

Did you know that, as a renter, you are legally liable for any unintentional damage caused to your property? Whether that’s due to a faulty appliance, a fire you accidentally started while cooking, or an unattended candle, you can be left on the hook for some majorly expensive repairs and/or replacements. Not only that but if you have any furniture in your unit or belongings (such as clothes or electronics) that are destroyed or damaged, the expenses rack up even higher. Those costs can burn a serious hole in your pocket. Luckily, First Durham’s tenant insurance will help protect your personal items and provide expenses to cover the costs of temporary housing if you need to evacuate your building or it requires time to be rebuilt. Also, our tenant insurance package offers liability protection for visitors who come to your property. Insurance for Pickering, Ajax and Durham Region residents has never been easier than with First Durham! Get started by filling out a quote today.

We make it easy to get property insurance in Ajax, Pickering and all other sectors of the Durham Region to ensure that you have the tenant coverage you require. We will help you sift through the options and select the best possible policy. Click here for more information on tenant insurance.

Why Work With First Durham for Your Property Insurance in Ajax and Pickering

As experienced brokers working in Ontario, First Durham is your choice for when you need property insurance in Pickering, Ajax, or anywhere else in the Durham Region. We have a staff team of over 35 professionals and our sales are quickly approaching $30 million, making us one of the largest and oldest full-service brokerages in the area. That’s not all, either. We also are proudly involved in our local communities as significant contributors to charitable organizations and local sports right in the Durham Region This involvement is important to us as many of our team lives in the area and also take time individually to engage themselves in these community organizations.

We have grown and prospered as a leading Durham Region insurance brokerage by paying close attention to our clients’ needs. We offer property insurance to Pickering, Ajax and Durham Region residents in order to guarantee that they have coverage against the unexpected. Our introduction and integration of new innovations and technologies has translated to not only better insurance products but also better service and better prices overall. That’s the difference with First Durham! We are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry so that we can round out our strategic approach in the field. Contact us today or fill out a quote form to get started on your property insurance in Ajax, Pickering and anywhere else in the Durham Region. Our team is excited to start getting you financially protected today!