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It’s protection from your neighbour’s gourmet cooking.

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Pickering Condo Insurance

Being a Condominium owner in Pickering, Ajax or anywhere in the Durham region has its advantages, affordable insurance is just one.  But owning a condominium does present some interesting exposures from an insurance perspective, do you have the right coverage?  Owning a condo is not like renting an apartment in that you need more than just coverage for your contents, you also need to ensure that common areas are protected as well.  By the same token, owning a condo is not like owning a home, for the most part, you are not responsible for the physical structure.

Making sure that your policy covers the necessary gaps between your coverage and that of the condo corporation sometimes require some expertise and that is where the experts at First Durham Insurance come in.

Your condominium is in a communal setting but your condo insurance needs to be as individual as you.  Worried about costs. Don’t be–Pickering condo insurance can be very affordable, often as less than $500 per year.  Pickering Condo insurance is available at reasonable rates to anyone who owns a condominium.

Condo Insurance 101

Condo insurance will protect your personal belongings, such as furniture, clothes and electronics, any improvements that have been made to your unit, and if anyone gets hurt while visiting your unit.  Failing to have the right protection before you or anyone else in the condominium makes a claim can cost you significantly.   You can purchase condo insurance for as little as $20/month!

Shared Living Space – It’s Not All About You

Condo living can be an affordable way to own a home – whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to downsize, it’s important for you to understand how much protection you have under your condo corporation’s insurance policy and your own policy. What does the corporation’s insurance cover and, more importantly, what does it not cover?  Having to navigate the challenges in a close-quartered community isn’t always easy. You’re not living privately, it’s a community with shared walls, ceilings and amenities.  That’s why it’s important to put a policy in place, trust First Durham Insurance to take care of your most important assets.


Maximize Discounts

All insurance companies offer discounts, some of which can reduce your premium up to 50%!  Mortgage free and bundling your property and auto insurance are some of the highest discounts offered.  First Durham has access to all these discounts and more through all of our markets.  If you start adding up all the discounts in which you qualify, you can significantly reduce your premiums, get a quote today!

Customized Protection

Water Coverage

The most common questions condo owners have are about water damage. Is it safe to assume that the condo will pay for water damage to your unit?   Determining who is liable for condo water damage can be difficult, as it depends on the exact cause of damage.  If the water damage occurred because your toilet overflowed or a pipe in your kitchen burst, the claim will go through your condo insurance policy.  However, water damage that originated from an adjoining unit, whether it was due to a leaky roof or a neighbor’s overflowing washing machine, the situation can be problematic.  Did you know that almost $0.70 cents of every $1 paid out in claims goes toward paying for water damage?  The majority of insurance companies don’t offer broad enough water coverage.  Ask yourself, has my insurance company clearly explained my water coverage to me? If not, maybe it’s time to find a new provider.  Call or click to get a quote.

Perfect Fit

As you grow professionally so do the assets in your home, unless you have made some sort of change to your policy, it is likely that you still have that same basic coverage.  When you initially purchased your condo, you probably only required basic coverage for property insurance.  Admittedly, most insurance companies do basic very well.  Outlining what you need in 200 words on a website would be impossible, because what you require is so individual to you. Taking a few moments to connect with one of our experts can ensure that you have policy tailored to your needs at a price you can afford.  Call or click to get a quote.

As Your Life Evolves, So Should Your Coverage

Life’s a journey and lets face it, over time priorities change. Whether you decide to purchase a home or you purchase additional contents, you knowthat each of these likely requires some attention as to the type of coverage you purchase.  The question is, has your coverage kept up?  Has your carrier checked in with you to make sure that your policy has evolved with you?   If not, maybe it’s time to give us a call and see how we can put something in place that will progress throughout life’s many changes.

Have a Claim, Who’s In Your Corner?

Buying a policy is the easy part, but choosing who to deal with should take a little more thought.  Let’s face it, you’re too busy to become an expert, and that’s where we come in. As an insurance broker, we work for you, not for an insurance company.   We take the time up front to know you and what it is you need.  From there, we arrange the right coverage for you striking a balance between coverage and cost.  In the event of a claim, because we work for you, we are there in your corner, making sure the insurance company is delivering on the promise they made to you.  In the event your claim gets complicated, we have a broad network of well-respected specialists in the Claims, Legal, and Engineering fields that are ready to help support your claim through the entire process, maximizing your recovery. Call us or get a quote today!


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