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Home Insurance 101

If you are purchasing your first home, have outgrown your old one or are maybe even looking to downsize, you know that each of these likely requires some attention as to the type of property coverage you should purchase. Taking a few moments to connect with one of our experts can ensure that you have a policy tailored to your needs at a price you can afford.

If you are looking for homeowner’s insurance in Pickering, Ajax or anywhere else in the Durham Region look no further as you have come to the right place. Call or click to get a quote.

Experienced Pickering Home Insurance Providers

Whether you are blindsided by a sudden rainstorm or your new puppy chews a hole in your couch, wondering if you’re covered should not be the first question that comes to mind. Let’s face it, you’re busy and despite your best intentions to better understand your home insurance policy, it is one of the many things that you never manage to get to. The philosophy of the licensed Pickering home insurance brokers at First Durham Insurance & Financial Ltd. is to make sure that you have what you need. More importantly, we will take the time to help simplify your policy so that you understand what you have purchased because with First Durham, you don’t have to become an expert – we do all the work for you getting the appropriate coverage for your home insurance in Ajax, Pickering and the surrounding area.

Whether you are looking for home insurance in Pickering, Ajax or anywhere else in the Durham Region, look no further. You have come to the right place. Our expert home insurance brokers have been arranging coverage for residents of Durham Region since 1945, and while we don’t do business like it is 1945 anymore, our one main goal has remained the same: to help our clients get the right protection at the right price. Want to know more about our Pickering, Ontario home insurance? Contact us today. We’re always happy to help out and answer any questions you have.

What Determines Your Property Insurance Premium?

Determining the factors that establish the price you pay is fairly straightforward. The most important influence is the replacement cost of your home. However, there’s more to it than that. Did you know how close you are to a fire hydrant and past claims can also have a significant impact on your premium? Unless you are prepared to move, some of these things may not be entirely in your control. So what can you do to help reduce your Ajax and Pickering home insurance costs? If you’re thinking about renovating, choose projects that will also help you save on home insurance such as replacing your shingles or buying a new water heater. Want to learn more about things you can do to reduce your premiums? Contact our leading Pickering, Ontario home insurance brokers today by calling, or simply click to get a quote. We provide all residents in the Durham area with first-rate insurance service.


Maximize Home Insurance Discounts

All home insurance companies offer discounts, but did you know that these discounts can be bundled to reduce your premium by up to 50%! There’s more to discounts than bundling auto and home policies. Some carriers offer discounts for those that have new water heaters, unfinished basements or for being a new customer. All quality Pickering and Ajax home insurance companies offer different bundles depending on the clients they want. Determining who may be the right fit for you might require looking at a few options. That’s where we come in to help you with your home insurance. Ajax and Pickering residents need not worry. Taking just a few moments to speak with one of our Pickering and Ajax home insurance experts can save you a lot of time short-term, and perhaps a lot of money long-term. Call or click to get a free home insurance quote.

Customized Protection

Water Coverage Add-On for Pickering or Ajax Home Insurance

In Canada, weather events that used to occur every 40 years are now happening every six. Every summer communities are experiencing more and more intense rainfalls. Did you know that almost $0.70 cents of every $1 paid out in claims go towards paying for water damage? More concerning is the fact that the majority of insurance companies don’t offer broad enough water coverage, especially for severe flooding. It’s too late to learn that you are not covered when you have two feet of water in your basement. Ask yourself, has my Pickering or Ajax home insurance company clearly explained my water coverage to me? If not, maybe it’s time to find a new provider. Call or click to get a free quote for your home insurance. Pickering and Ajax residents can rest easy knowing what their water coverage entails.

Perfect Fit

When you bought your first home or rented your first apartment, you probably only required basic coverage for property insurance. Admittedly, most home insurance companies in the Ajax and Pickering regions, as well as the surrounding area, do basic very well. But as you grow professionally, so do the assets in your home. Unless you have made some sort of change to your policy, it is likely that you still have that same basic coverage. Outlining what you need in 200 words on a website would be impossible because what you require is so individual to you and your home insurance. Pickering and Ajax clients need only take a few moments to connect with one of our experts can ensure that they have the policy tailored to their needs at a price they can afford. Call or click to get a free home insurance quote.

As Your Life Evolves, So Should Your Coverage

Life’s a journey, so let’s face it: over time our priorities change. Whether you are purchasing your first home, outgrown your old one or maybe even looking to downsize, you know that each of these likely requires some attention as to the type of coverage you purchase. As well, as we settle in, have a family, we may acquire new belongings. Perhaps you have started a home-based business to be closer to the kids, bought that beautiful piece of jewelry for your anniversary, or maybe even splurged and bought some toys for the cottage. The question is, has your coverage kept up? Has your carrier checked in with you to make sure that your policy has evolved with you? If not, maybe it’s time to give us a call and see how we can put something in place that will progress throughout life’s many changes. You want Pickering or Ajax home insurance that is tailored to your needs, after all. Let us help you.

Have a Claim, Who’s In Your Corner?

Buying an Ajax or Pickering home insurance policy from your local provider in the Durham Region is the easy part, but choosing who to deal with should take a little more thought. Let’s face it, you’re too busy to become an expert, and that’s where we come in. As an experienced home insurance broker in the local region, we work for you, not for an insurance company. Our home insurance brokerage team take the time upfront to know you and what it is you need. From there, we arrange the right coverage for you striking a balance between coverage and cost. In the event of a claim, because we work for you, we are there in your corner, making sure the insurance company is delivering on the promise they made to you. In the event your claim gets complicated, we have a broad network of well-respected specialists in the Claims, Legal and Engineering fields ready to help support your claim through the entire process, maximizing your recovery. So what are you waiting for? Call us or get a free quote for your Pickering or Ajax home insurance today!


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